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Cooking and serving people is a meditative experience for me: my true love, the heart of my artistic expression, and pretty much all I have ever known.

It is my commitment to always continue to make the vast majority of my cuisine from scratch. I'm especially interested in aiding weary mothers and fathers, anyone dealing with mental health ailments, addiction, or recovering from medical conditions in providing healthy natural meals for themselves and their loved ones.

I feel I hold a special perspective on the ways to prepare healthy food so that it is exciting and inviting.

It is my belief that the way we feel about the food we eat affects the way we digest and process its nutrients. My dream is that my clients will feel honored and blessed through their dinnertimes and special events. My intention is to expand access to nutritious food in this city and to do what I can to help create a more connected, healthy, and loved community.

- Chef Felicity Rosenberg

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—Pngtree—red push pin isolated realistic

Food Handler's License

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